Slamming Chase CEO Jamie Dimon – Overdraft Fees

Elizabeth Warren Slams JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon on Overdraft Fees – Rolling Stone

I could watch this over and over. It is similar to when she put the spotlight on John Roberts in the Senate.

This is a good take down of Jamie Dimon by Senator Elizabeth Warren. The Senator is relentless. It appears Chase was given a hall pass by the Fed to be late on payments and not be penalized for it. Chase was very happy for the help.

Except, Chase did not allow its customers the same privilege. Instead, Chase charges them Overdraft fees for being late.

Senator Warrens asks Jamie Dimon if this is fair. And why isn’t Chase extending the same to it’s customers. Chase profited by $1.5 billion. If waiving the Overdraft fees, Chase would stil make $27 billion.

There is a longer version of the video on Crooks and Liars. I am not able to copy it to Angry Bear.