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Justice Dept. Will Toughen Rules for Seizing Lawmakers’ Data, Garland Says (

The Justice Department will tighten its rules for when law enforcement officials may seize information about members of Congress and their aides, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland said on Monday amid a backlash to the disclosure of a 2018 subpoena that swept in data from the Apple accounts of Democratic lawmakers and staff.

What Ilhan Omar Actually Said – The Atlantic

Following Democratic outrage and Republican calls for a floor vote to strip Omar of her committee assignments, let me record the following for posterity: Omar demonstrably did not say what she’s been accused of having said; what she did say was true; and every politico using this opportunity to take a swing at her likely knows those two things—they just think you don’t.

How misinformation overturned California’s assault weapons ban (

Judge Roger Benitez’s ruling last week that overturned California’s 1989 assault weapons ban, in which he argues defensive gun use with an assault weapon “surely happens a lot” and “seems to be more common” than mass shootings with such weapons – both of which are blatant falsehoods.

From January 2016 to May 2021, assault weapons were used 2.7 times more often to perpetrate mass shootings than they were used defensively against any type of attack.

Simone Biles’s Excellence Is an Act of Resistance – The Atlantic

What Biles has come to mean to Black culture, to women, and especially to Black women is bigger than her all-out assault on the record books. Her excellence is an act of resistance. She is openly mocking expectations about what she should or shouldn’t do. Through her performances, she is creating a previously inconceivable new standard for her sport.

June 14, 2021 – Letters from an American (

Today, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told radio personality Hugh Hewitt that it is “highly unlikely” that he would permit President Biden to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court if the Republicans win control of the Senate in 2022.

Hundreds protest Manchin’s opposition to voting law overhaul (

The protest was spurred by Manchin’s decision opposing a landmark reform of U.S. election law, a proposal known as For the People Act. Manchin said last week passing reform on a party-line vote risked further stoking partisan divides.

The Supreme Court just handed down disastrous news for unions (

But the right of unions to enter onto a California farm to organize workers is now in deep trouble. In an opinion penned by Chief Justice John Roberts, the Court held that California’s longstanding regulation violates the Constitution’s “Takings Clause,” which provides that no one shall have their property taken from them by the government “without just compensation.”

And, in order to reach this result, Roberts rewrites decades of law interpreting that clause.

Joe Manchin and the Democrats’ Doomed Voting Bill – The Atlantic

“Nobody knowing Manchin well was surprised by his decision,” The New Yorker’s Evan Osnos writes in one of the latest and deepest pieces on the senator. Nobody following national politics at all should be surprised by his decision, either. Manchin has said all along—though not always clearly—that he doesn’t want to eliminate the filibuster. 

Judge halts loan forgiveness program aimed at Black farmers (

A federal judge in Florida cited racial discrimination in a ruling that halted the loan forgiveness program aimed at Black farmers that was part of the Biden administration’s COVID-19 relief package that forgave debts related to agriculture.

Americans of Color suffer most in biggest U.S. drop in life expectancy since WWII, Modern Healthcare

While white Americans lost 1.36 years, Black Americans lost 3.25 years and Hispanic Americans lost 3.88 years. Given that life expectancy typically varies only by a month or two from year to year, losses of this magnitude are “pretty catastrophic,” said Dr. Steven Woolf, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and lead author of the study.