Improvements to Angry Bear blog

Dear readers,

There are upcoming improvements to the function and looks of Angry Bear which are intended to enhance the readability, searchability, and usefulness of current posts and of the 20,000 posts of our blog from 2003 to now.

The look of the site includes a wider width of the overall page, adjusted overall font size and line height, and re-organization of other default legibility settings.

Posts will be displayed with titles and with a few lines of the beginning of the post displayed. This offers greater ease in taking a look at more posts on the landing page. Read more is made easier to read…

A more robust search engine will allow for a much easier experience to find particular posts, names, and topics.

SEO will automate custom schema for better visibility for google to find Angry Bear, and includes Meta title and descriptions for all posts. These changes will be invisible to users but ought to increase our chances of showing up in regular searches.

Other changes will be apparent over time. Dan