Population and the Economy

Hear that China is in trouble with an aging, decreasing population. Headline says that California is in trouble; decreasing population for the first time ever. Years ago now, we heard that Japan was in trouble with an aging, decreasing population. Japan’s doing fine, thank you. And, China and California will both be better off for the decrease. More is not always better.

We know where they are coming from with this stuff. They bought into the old perpetual growth, dance ’til you drop, capitalism pyramid scheme. The one where we were never supposed to look behind the screen, to look around and about; to stop digging and look up. We just might be able to get by without capitalism; we haven’t a chance without enough clean air, clean water, plentiful and timely rainfall. This growing our way out of growing isn’t working, isn’t going to. California and China need more people like Twiggy needed a girdle. The earth needs more growth and more population like it needs a few more holes in its ozone layer.

Texas wants more people, wants to grow. Oh goody, more people means more Louis Gohmerts, more Ted Cruzes. Texas is home to as good a bunch of Christians as you will find anywhere, home to a god fearing bunch of brave freedom loving people who don’t need science, thank you kindly, anyway. You’re much obliged. Especially when the science says that it, Texas, is doomed to becoming a living hell on earth from extreme temperatures and lack of water due to global warming caused by … the burning of fossil fuels. That’s Texas, as in the great sovereign state of Texas, the land of the big open prairie, big lies, and brainwashing.

How does one get off this merry-go-round? Where does the world get off? Right about here, about now, is as good a place and time as any.