Cyber War

For just a pocketful of Russia’s rubles, Putin facilitated Brexit, doing irreparable harm to the UK and the EU. With what was left over, he did enormous harm to the US, and weakened NATO. No shots were fired, no missiles were launched, and no missions were flown. No weapons that go bang were deployed, and not a single Russian boot trod foreign soil. Putin did more damage with that pocketful of change than his army could have ever done. Yet, the United States continues to spend $billions upon $billions on weapons, troop readiness; and military adventures. China will not be fighting any boots on the ground war, nor one with missiles launched, with the US. China is not stupid. Only the US would be so stupid.

Back when, Ike tried to warn us. Today, we see the rows of generals and admirals lined up to testify before Congress, on CNN and Fox, … , as to the need for more generals and admirals, land, air, sea and space forces. Theirs is also those of the defense contractors. Shills for one another, where would they be without us. Where would Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Virginia, and South Carolina be without them.

Why waste good money on diplomacy when we can spend $billions on less effective troops, ships, planes and missiles? If economics is at the heart of any war; armed conflict represents a complete lack of understanding of the both.

Taking out socialists governments is good for American businesses. So is installing and propping up tin-horned dictators. Worked like a charm in Latin America and in the Middle East. One only need look to Afghanistan, Venezuela, Chile, Cuba, … today. Well, it possibly could have. What if, America?

September 1, 1939, Nazi Germany invades Poland. Poland met Hitler’s armies with its cavalry, that’s cavalry as in men on horses. Is what we’re doing any less foolish?