Sen Raphael Warnock First Senate Floor Speech – Voter Suppression

I posted a YouTube of Warnock’s speech along with snippets of it.There are other valuable portions of it worth putting into print if I could type that fast. Alas, this four fingered typist is not so fast or adroit. The memory works for a few sentences. It is a good speech!

Using the Big Lie of Voter Fraud as a pretext to Voter Suppression

“The People Of Georgia sent their first African American Senator and first Jewish Senator my brother John Ossoff to these hallowed halls. But the what happened? Some politicians did not approve of the choice made by the majority of voters in a hard fought election to in which each side got the chance to make its case to the voters. And rather than adjusting their agenda, rather than changing their methods, they are busy trying to change the rules.

We are witnesses right now a massive unabashed assault on voting rights unlike anything we have ever seen since the Jim Crow era. This is Jim Crow in new clothes.”

“The People have spoken. Therefore we must make sure ‘all’ of the people can speak.

Access to Voting and preempting politicians efforts to restrict voting is so fundamental to our democracy that it is too important to be held hostage by a senate rule especially one historically used to restrict expansion of voting rights.

We must find a way to pass voting rights whether we get rid of the filibuster or not.

Mr. President I yield the floor.”