Duplicitous Bastards

These are they who insist on their right to easily buy guns, to own as many guns as they wish. They who insist that mass shootings should be dealt with by prosecution. They who vehemently oppose any addressment of the question of who should be permitted to own guns. They who would only treat the symptoms of gun violence; who dare not look to science for the causes. They who think their Second Amendment rights are more important than the lives of mass shooting victims.

When it comes to voting rights, these same they are those who would make it difficult if not impossible for millions to vote whom they think might vote differently from them. They who think that not everyone has the right to vote. They who fear that the right to vote might fall into the wrong hands. They who think it far better to suppress the votes of many rather than take a chance that the one vote might fall into the wrong hands. They who think laws and prosecution are not the answer for voter fraud. They who deny the absence of voter fraud.

True enough, voters don’t have a Second Amendment giving them the constitutional right to vote (This isn’t the Constitution’s only flaw). Gun owners didn’t have one either before Justice Scalia performed his magic trick in Heller, and then bullied the Court into going along with him. Today, in this the 21st Century, in a democracy, the right to vote is a far more important right than the right to own an assault weapon, a gun.