Switch to Disqus Comment system???

AB currently uses a WordPress comment system which has been problematic. As a result, I have been researching other plug-in systems when readers have asked about functionality not available in WP.

The Disqus system seems to have the functionality that was requested (may be dependent upon web browser being used). An ad-free version can also be purchased for a yearly fee. Does anyone have experience with Disqus (Washington Monthly uses Disqus)? If you do and have an opinion of Disqus, please send me an e-mail: cdansplace2@aol.com.

Briefly, Disqus Commenter functions include:

– Improved acceptance and formatting of cut and paste material including insertion of gifs, jpeg, and even videos

– Nested comments to the author in a thread and thread of other comments between commenters on the thread for reading convenience.

– Automatic identification of sender of comment and receiver of the comment.

– Bolding, italicizing, striking, underlining, linking, coding, quoting, etc. functionality.

– Editing of comments after publication for a set period of time.

– Login by name and email addy.