Angry Bear Site Updates

Some Information

Both Dan and I have been waylaid by Medical issues. Both of us are slowly coming out of what plagues us. We both are a little bit slow in responding. Eric had Covid and is better now.

Dan did talk to the site people who run the servers and also program our capabilities which are on going. He brought to light some of the issues I have read on site and were indirectly pointed out to me. Some answers:

Site Programming Administrator

-Wanted to share (programmers talking) a little more information about what we worked on at your site this morning (29th). We upgraded your resource usage on the server and updated the site for this. The front end was snappy to begin with; however, the back end was a little slow. This should be resolved now (my addition of a reply to EM took forever this morning [30th]. Inserting this post was slow too. I will let Dan know).

-Next week (February 1st), website is migrating to a new server which should help reduce these notifications (me: those notifications that only you can see and I can not).

As Dan finds out more, I will pass it on to you in a not-so- grouchy manner.