“Trump’s Bogus Claims Of Election Fraud Targets Michigan Secretary Of State”

Ophelia at “Butterflies and Wheels” has a commentary about the protests in front of the home of Democratic Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson which makes for a good read along with the comments.

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It is one thing to write a letter of protest to a politician and quite another to invade the proximity of a person’s home, within shouting distance, and upset the occupants which included a child. Meanwhile the Republican leaders quietly sit by with no comment chastising “their” constituents.

“Unambiguous and threatening”

“Michigan secretary of state Jocelyn Benson said dozens of armed protesters gathered in a threatening manner outside her home on Saturday evening chanting “bogus” claims about electoral fraud.

Armed protesters. Outside her house. In support of a criminal trying to steal an election. We’re on a knife-edge here.

In a Twitter statement on Sunday, Benson said the protesters were trying to spread false information about the security and accuracy of the US election system. “The demands made outside my home were unambiguous, loud, and threatening.”

The individuals gathered outside my home targeted me as Michigan’s Chief Election officer. But their threats were actually aimed at the 5.5million Michigan citizens who voted in this fall’s election, seeking to overturn their will. They will not succeed in doing so. My statement: pic.twitter.com/RSUnPSN4Aa

— Jocelyn Benson (@JocelynBenson) December 7, 2020

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel, in a separate Twitter post, accused the pro-Trump demonstrators of “mob-like behavior (that) is an affront to basic morality and decency”.

“Anyone can air legitimate grievances to Secretary Benson’s office through civil and democratic means, but terrorizing children and families in their own homes is not activism.”

Knife Edge in Michigan.”

Living in Michigan can be interesting.

The mob – like actions of a few are outrageous and the silence of Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield who recently snuck off to D.C to talk to a soon to be  going – out – the – door president make it even more-so. Michigan’s Republican majority legislature silence  is inexcusable and similar occurred when there was no comment to their constituency rebelling to the wearing of masks, socially distancing, and staying in the safety of their homes. The numbers of those contracting Covid-19 has increased to thousands per day.

Michigan Republicans are quietly happy whether their constituents are on the verge of committing “peaceful” acts of violence or contracting Covid and dying from it.


The Michigan House has been majority Republican since 1990 with the exception of 4 years. The Michigan Senate has been owned by Republicans since 1983. Up till Governor Whitmer, the Republicans have had the governorship two of three times since 1990. The state is purposely Gerrymandered by Republican to deliver such results.


Republicans shown little concern with what is happening or could happen to the Michigan’s S.O.S., the Governor who was threatened with kidnapping, or the State AG. Their political approach is to intimidate using protestors and the latest are associated with the Mc Comb County Republicans. Law enforcement such as the Republican Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy said he will not enforce Governor Whitmer’s executive orders. His silence is an endorsement of the protests and the freedoms to do so and go mask-less.

Lost in this argument is their impingement upon the rights of others to be safe from fear or violence and a pandemic.

Going Forward?

Michigan demographics is changing. It has voted for its Democratic Senators (mostly) and President since 1990 with the exception of 2016. The state will likely change in time as a Redistricting citizens commission has been established by constitutional amendment. Redistricting should change the make up of the state districts to more of a 50-50 split between parties.


This is BS. Other than a lack of action by Republicans on Covid 19 other than opposing Whitmer, this action by armed protesters is sponsored intimidation.

Armed pro-Trump protesters gather outside Michigan S.O.S. home