A Little Update on AB System Changes

Dan, Eric, and I met with programmers to review planned improvements to the image and functionality of AB. This was mostly relegated to the front page. Some things we touched upon:

  • Making the front page I and Android phone readable and functional. This carries over into tablet use also. In the past, it was told to us, readers went to contortions to read the various posts.
  • Restructure the front page to allow for other links akin to what EV had so as to introduce new and meaningful  discussions on open threads besides authored posts.
  • A general cleanup of it. I am sure Dan and Eric can add to this also.

On the comment page for each post or open thread:

  • We are adding better punctuation capabilities so you can bold, link, and do other things which will enhance your comments.
  • Make it more readable, enlarge the comment box so you can see what you have already wrote and continue to write.
  • Hopefully provide a capability to post pictures, graphs, etc.

Our readers and commenters are intelligent and sophisticated. We are hoping to ratchet up the dialogue a bit and provide a better experience. Feel free to ask questions here or directly to Dan and Eric also. Each may add something I have missed. Ideas are still welcome if given to us soon and are also doable.

Thanks !


run75441 (sometimes known as 24601)