When did Israel Become “America’s Best Ally”?

When did Israel Become “America’s Best Ally”?

 In the recent US Vice Presidential debate, the current US VP, Mike Pence dropped a throwaway line that until nobody has noticed until now. He labeled Israel as America’s “best ally,” or a term meaning the same thing.

I think that from at least 1917 the “best ally” of the US was either Canada or the UK. Under Trump, both of those alliances were downgraded, although they were loyal to us for all that time.

So now we have the supposedly new “best ally” (might be slightly different wording, but it means this), Israel.

Now I am much more for Israel than many on the left and elsewhere. I have long supported the two-state solution set in Oslo in 1992 or thereabouts. But the current admin throws that into a trash can.

On June 8, 1967, Israel sank the USS Liberty, killing 34 American citizens, wounding 171.

Sorry, Israel may be an “ally” of the USA, but this throwaway line that somehow it is US.s “best” or “top” or “leading ally” is just a joke.

For the record, if the current POTUS is not reelected, this fantasy will be undone and we shall return to our long-established relationships.  Sorry any fantasists who think otherwise, but Canada is a closer ally of the US than Israel.

Barkley Rosser