Stealing Signs

Stealing Signs, Econospeak, October 13, 2020

I know this is a widespread and basically trivial matter, but since I had posted earlier about all of the BLM signs on my block (including at our house) accompanied more recently by signs related to the various political races (we have a Senate race, as well as House, and city council here) on the block, where we had some apparently hostile drivebys some while ago.

So last night somebody came and stole all the signs off our block that were not clearly for a GOP candidate in some race, with all the BLM signs going, including ours. I really do not like the idea of somebody coming on my property and stealing something, even if it is just a political sign. Oh well.

Barkley Rosser

In Michigan, similar happens. To add to the issue of signs gone missing is the counties typically have an ordinance which specifies how far back from the “center of a nearby road” the sign must be. This is to prevent obstructed views for drivers.

Most recently, a township building inspector attempted to remove signs which were 7 meters from the road’s center rather than the 10 meters required. In the removal, the worker sliced his fingers on razor blades taped to the bottom of the signs. I am not sure how they eyeball the sign distance from the road’s center as determining the center is not that precise. At times it seems to be overkill on the county’s part. And then there is the problem of the razor blades. The police did talk to the property owner who claimed the signs were stolen and then returned. So, he said.