8th District Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin Answering Candidate Paul Junge on Healthcare

In a face off with Republican candidate Paul Junge, Congresswoman Slotkin lets Paul Junge know Republicans must have a healthcare plan as they don’t. In this clip she gives her personal story about her mom having cancer and being unable to get insurance at a reasonable cost or not at all.

There are many more like Ms. Slotkin’s mom in the same category who are winging it so to speak. I for one was faced with the same dilemma from time to time of being denied healthcare insurance or was only able to get a limited catastrophic plan. I reside in 8th District Michigan and Ms. Slotkin is “all” of our representative. Prior to her taking office, Mike Bishop would not publically meet with his constituents and “yucked” it up with trump on healthcare. Ms. Slotkin holds frequent townhalls.

If you go to 19 minutes and 30 seconds of this clip (following link), you will see what set Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin off on Paul Junge. Paul specifically mentions Elissa Slotkin’s mother and why her premiums and deductible were so high instead of pre-existing conditions. Big mistake and Elissa answers back: Flashpoint 9/27/20: Candidates in race for Michigan’s 8th Congressional District debate. Big mistake on Paul Junge’s part. He made it personal.