We have a President who tells us that he has an education in economics from an Ivy League School who doesn’t know what per capita means; who doesn’t understand doubling. Inescapable: Our president is not educated. Most of our high schools turn out a better product. This President is on track to be the very worst President ever. So why does he want to remain in office another 4 years? What is this guy really after?

It might be that financially he lives in a house of cards; that behind all the facades are cardboard walls and ceilings propped up with sticks. As President, he has $Billions and legions at his command, planes, helicopters, and armored cars at his disposal.  If reelected the charade can go on another 4 years. If he loses office, the tax collectors will take his couch and he won’t even have a place to sleep. Homelessness is a big step down.

It might be that this President is a criminal, that losing office could mean certain imprisonment; too, a long way to fall. It now appears that the Russian connection may go way back, involve loans that were not financially justifiable. Maybe Putin literally does own him. Having something on someone is something he could relate to, could understand, something he had learned at the knees of Father Fred, Roy Cohn, and Robert Moses. Something like this with someone like Putin could be a matter of life or death.

Might be that this President is a would-be Hitler. There are many similarities. He has managed to co-opt Departments of Justice, State, Health and Human Services, …; has his own armed militia of volunteers. And, there’s that kept at the ready nightstand copy his First tells of.

Maybe this President wants to be the richest man in the world. That he, like any good father, he wants to give each of his children $Billions and a Crown, and maybe each a small nation of their own. The richest man in the world would have to be very rich; at least $250B, and there are the children. Should we try to make our best deal now?