The Democratic convention

I watched most of the convention, and thought it was well done.  My main concern is that most of the arguments made against Trump – and the election will primarily be about Trump, not Biden – were more persuasive to people who are already solid Biden voters.  If you are still thinking about voting for Trump, hearing that he is divisive, authoritarian, and incompetent is unlikely to change your mind.  You’ve heard those arguments a million times.

What types of arguments will work?  Remind people who voted for Trump that he lied to them about Social Security, health care, and taxes.  People hate being lied to.  They *hate* feeling that politicians are playing them for suckers.  Find a former Trump voter who is willing to say “I voted for Trump because he said he would strengthen Social Security and give us better health care.  I believed him, and if he had done that I would still be on his side.  But he lied.  He lied.  Maybe I should have seen that coming.  I see it now.”

The most common mistake in political argument is to assume that other people see things the same way you do.  They don’t – that’s why they disagree with you in the first place.