Meanwhile potable water becomes more of a problem for Americans

In 2010, the UN declared clean water to be a human right. Yet a decade later, millions of Americans lack basic indoor plumbing in their home before they have access to it. More than 100 million are exposed to toxic chemicals in their drinking water, and water bills have risen by an average of 80% across 12 US cities, in a cascading crisis of water affordability. Do you need a faucet, sink, toilet, shower, or tub repair? Whether you are experiencing faucet leaking or clogging, a good services like plumbers in Oshkosh can help you save money on your water bill and get your plumbing working properly again. With this, homeowners should look into hiring a plumber to inspect their plumbing and water quality.

The Guardian is tackling the subject of the US water crisis with a landmark series, in partnership with Consumer Reports and others – and we’re asking for our readers’ help to test the water quality in your area. As Bernie Sanders and the Michigan congresswoman Brenda Lawrence argue, it is time clean water ceased to be a source of government profit, and became a basic right:

Unbelievably, when it comes to water infrastructure, America’s challenges resemble those of a developing country. The American Society of Civil Engineers gives our drinking water infrastructure a ‘D’ grade and our wastewater infrastructure a ‘D+’.