What to do About The Schools

by Ken Melvin
What to do About The Schools
There needs to be a plan in place that deals with: grade levels, Covid Virus testing, schedules, classroom size, in-school traffic flow patterns, staffing, transportation, …  The how and when are tied together.
And yes, all these are interconnected.
How to safely get 3,000 high school students to and from school; from class to class; to, into and out of classrooms; to, into and out of the cafeteria; …  while maintaining social distancing?
Class schedules, school hours, the school year, … these all involve time.  To allow for social distancing in the classroom, class size will need be cut in half.  More classes and more classrooms will be needed. Requiring perhaps more teachers, certainly more hours per day, per week.
To avoid jam-packed hallways, to achieve social distance spacing, class periods will need be staggered by groups.  Security will need be enhanced to enforce between class traffic rules, to eliminate wandering about during class, congregating in bathrooms, …
Now is the time to work out the kinks in online teaching.
Students and Teachers may need to wear masks.  Teachers make need to be miked.
All these things are more difficult in the lower grades, in the more troubled schools.
All these problems and more have to be dealt with in the context of pressure from parents to reopen schools and pandemic depleted state budgets.
Should schools be reopened?
Is any return to ‘normal’ delusional?