Economics Doesn’t Have to Be Amoral

Steve Roth,  publisher of  Evonomics  and at Angry Bear,  sends this note and thematic list:

Economics Doesn’t Have to Be Amoral

The complexity economist Eric Beinhocker writes “economics has painted itself as a detached amoral science, but humans are moral creatures. We must bring morality back into the center of economics in order for people to relate to and trust it. All of the science shows that deeply ingrained, reciprocal moral behaviors are the glue that holds society together.” We evolved economic morality. It’s time to put it into practice!

Economists Forgot Smith and Darwin’s Message: Society Cannot Function Without Moral Bonds by Geoffrey Hodgson

What Is the Role of Morality in a Capitalist Economy? by Peter Turchin, Branko Milanovic, Herb Gintis, Robert Frank

It’s Time for New Economic Thinking Based on the Best Science Available, Not Ideology by Eric Beinhocker