Does It Ever Cease . . .

the total nonsense coming out of Washington D.C.?

When I wake up in the morning, I retreat down stairs to the kitchen, turn the coffee pot on, and grab an oat, oat bran, and grd flax seed muffin loaded with fiber. I make these for myself (although my wife of 49 years grabs one on occasion) to combat cholesterol and add fiber to my daily diet for other purposes. In combination with extended  walks outside or on a treadmill, I maintain.

Bears eat a lot of food before they hibernate and come out in Spring lean. For humans and when we go into Winter, we are much leaner than when we reappear outside in Spring. Hopes it warms up some more so I can get outside and enjoy.

At my computer this morning, as I normally am, and reading the news  like I normally do. It is a ritual,  along with the  cup of grd chicory root and grd coffee brew, and the healthy muffin . It tastes pretty good to me as opposed to straight coffee. It is a ritual which I engage in besides letting the dog out for his daily ritual.

I am reading such topics as:

  •  Treasury orders Trump’s name printed on Stimulus checks;  It will take a few more days of waiting while the checks are printed up. I might be impressed if he was pulling some of this money out of his wallet and handing it out. Why can’t my name be on there, at least on the check coming to me, as I pay taxes too?
  •  “I call it innovation under pressure;” Now you spit in a test tube similar to what you may do for a home genealogy kit may require you to do. Mr. Trump is taking credit for this great innovation too.
  •  President Donald Trump has instructed his administration to temporarily halt funding; He does not have the authority to halt funding. He can impound funding. This is not because the WHO is corrupt. It is another “big man” of the neighborhood antic amongst so much other bluster and bullying  besides  shifting the blame for the US pandemic. Trump will not take the blame or any part of it for anything and has openly admitted such.
  •  Total Authority; To lift restrictions governors have imposed to fight the coronavirus pandemic. “He can encourage, advise, or even litigate whether states’ authorities to restrict public movements (shelter in place or stay home orders) are warranted; he cannot tell sovereign governors to lift these orders all at once just because “he” or the federal government determines it is high time to do so.” I emphasize “he” here as it is solely him. And many Republican governors have failed to assert “states rights.”
  •  “No one who has needed a hospital bed has been denied a hospital bed” Michigan state Rep. Karen Whitsett (D)  credits Trump for advocating the use of hydroxychloroquine treatment as it worked for her; however, “I’ve lost several family members to COVID, all in one household. My cousin, Cheryl Fowler was in ICU. She lost her husband who  was turned away from numerous hospitals, as was she over four times. And within six hours, she lost her father-in-law, who was turned away numerous times.”
  •  Trump uses pandemic briefing to focus on himself, When the virus death toll in the United States  past 23,000, unemployment claims are past 15 million, and lines for food banks stretch around the block in many places; Trump focuses on himself, “Everything we did was right.”
  •  Etc.

Will somebody just pat him on the back, tell him what a good boy he is, and its time for his nappy?