by Dale Coberly
[Jason is a “Libertarian”  who recently tortured his brain to produce a proof that we have no obligation to help anyone else, because they are probably bad or will sometime, if given the chance, do something bad.]
A long time ago I saw a film clip.  I don’t know who shot it or how. A hero, but not the hero of this story.  The film opens on a mountainside where a bear has found a dead elk, or killed it himself.  We are not told.  It doesn’t matter.
The bear is just sitting down to dinner when around a shoulder of the mountain  come four wolves.  The wolves see the bear and his dinner, look at each other and laugh and laugh.  They surround the bear on all four sides (bears have four sides).  One wolf bites the bear on the butt.  The bear turns to face him,  …  turning his butt to second wolf, who bites him.  Turns to face second wolf…  and this goes on, but not for long.
The bear knows he can’t win this fight so he throws up his hands and says, “You want this old carcasse?  Fine!  You can have this old carcasse.”  And he ambles away down the mountainside.  The wolves watch him go, lauging so hard they can’t eat.

I remembered this clip with smiles for years.  Then the other day I saw another clip.  Again, I don’t know who shot it or how.  This one had a narrative.  It opens on a wolf lying in leaves in a forest.  She is a new mother and has not eaten in too long.
Her husband is away looking for something to eat, when two crows fly over yelling “awwwrk,  awwwrk!”  Wolves love crows because this means they have seen food and will lead them to it.  So mother wolf calls her man, “owwwooooo!”  And together they go to see what the crows have found.
They found four bears with a big dinner.  Ahem.  This is not a story about four wolves and one bear,  This is a story about four bears and…  well, let us see.  The wolves size up the situation and very quickly come up with a plan.  Father wolf charges the smallest, and probably the youngest and hopefuly the least experienced, bear who panics and runs away.
The other bears hear him yelling  and leave their dinner to go help him.  At which time Mother wolf rushes in and grabs the biggest piece of dinner she can carry and heads for home.  The bears realize they have been had and return to what’s left of their dinner, just a little grumpy at the littlest bear.
Meanwhile Father wolf stands at a distance watching Mother eat.  She needs it more than he does.
[The “hope” in the title is the hope that Jason will understand this and stop playing with “proofs” that lead him into evil thoughts.]