Three Cheers for Aigerim Toleukhanova

She’s the reporter who asked Secretary Pompeo “Did you retaliate against NPR?” and what sort of message that sends to countries “whose governments routinely suppress press freedoms?”. I was already impressed that the US secretary of state was getting a lesson on respect for the free Press in Kazakhstan whose dictator used to be the general secretary of the communist party of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic (and has been in office ever since and Nursultan Nazarbayev holds the title of “Leader of the Nation.”

But now I learn she works for the US government at propaganda Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (not even the relatively normal Voice of America).

I think she is now officially a subordinate of Sect Pompeo (they used to be funded by the CIA but the secret leaked when I was in elementary school). In any case, that woman has ovaries.