Covering Up The Coverup

Covering Up The Coverup

I keep thinking that Fox News cannot get worse, but there seems to be no bottom to how low they can go.  New lows are being exhibited in their coverage of the current Senate impeachment trial.  They are fully involved in covering up the Trump administration coverup of what Trump did regarding the articles of impeachment. Anybody getting their news on this trial from Fox will really have no idea what is going on or what the case is that the House managers of the prosecution are arguing.

I am not following the trial fully, and I am only occasionally popping to Fox News to see what they are doing, but I have seen enough.  The main thing they do, and I am seeing Sean Hannity do more of it after seeing Tucker Carlson also do it, is that they barely show the presentations of the House managers. They cover over the presentations with themselves and their allies talking and characterizing what is being said without showing whar is being said except for scattered cherry picked comments.  For Hannity Adam Schiff is a liar and “crazy.”  He  repeats standard talking points he has presented almost every night for months, but never lets the House managers actually their stuff.  Tucker Carlson is no better.

Last night we had the extreme spectacle that I actually saw live, of while Hakeem Jeffries was speaking Tucker Carlson had a large chryon scrolling under him saying “Dems Push Hysterical Talking Points in Trial.”  As  it is, most observers have noted that whatever  one thinks of the bottom line, the House managers have presented careful arguments supported by lots of evidence.  Nothing “hysterical” about any of it.

 However, it appears that Chief Justice Roberts is tilting to the GOP.  Late last night Jerrold Nadler accurately declared that the Trump lawyers were “lie, lie, lie.”  This triggered Roberts to criticize both sides for using bad language, although it was clear he was directing this at Nadler.  However, indeed, the Trump lawyers had used personal invective and words like “hypocrisy” repeatedly all day long with nary a whisper of complaint from Roberts.  As it is, Republicans have since been all over everywhere complaining about Nadler’s language, even though he was completely correct in his charge.Anyway, again, anybody getting their information on this trial from Fox News will simply have no idea what is being said by the House managers.  This performance is a new low for them.

Barkley Rosser