Some Election Results

I am not quite sure how to begin other than say I am angry at why it has to come to this , and still not enough, before people react.

  • Loudoun County, Virginia: One election event ended positively for a woman who had given Trump’s motorcade (and supposedly Trump) a message of defiance, a one finger salute, as it passed her while she was riding her bike. Former government contractor Julie Briskman won a seat on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday. Ms. Briskman defeated eight-year Republican incumbent, Suzanne Volpe and this is her first time in elected office.


  • Virginia House: Gaining 15 seats in the House in 2017; in 2019, Democrats added another five seats and perhaps a few more as other races are still to be decided. Democrats in Virginia  have not lost momentum in the third year of a Trump presidency. The ultimate size of the new Democratic majorities is still to be decided as a few close races were undecided. Republicans held a 51 to 48 edge going into 2019.


  • Virginia Senate: Ms. Ghazala Hashmi will be the first Muslim woman in the Senate, a state which was the former seat of the confederacy. Democrats have picked up at least two seats in the Senate shifting the balance from 20 to 19 favoring Republicans going into the 2019 election. Wondering if people would speak up against the assault on civil liberties, Ms. Ghazala Hashmi anxiety was relieved with her upset victory in a suburban Richmond district.


  • Kentucky Governorship:  Andy Beshear appears to have beaten incumbent Matt Bevin by ~5000 votes. Andy Beshear’s message in his victory “It’s a message that says our elections don’t have to be about right versus left, they are still about right versus wrong.” Other races in Kentucky went to Republicans with the Democrats losing the State AG office for the first time in 70 years with the election of an African American, Daniel Cameron.

Update: While a recanvas (less than 1% margin) will follow, the Republican dominated state legislature is poised to establish who is the winner of this election. Kentucky Republicans are going to try and steal election in favor of Bevin.

Stivers said he thought Bevin’s speech declining to concede to Beshear was “appropriate.” He said believes most of the votes that went to Libertarian John Hicks, who received about 2% of the total vote, would have gone to Bevin and made him the clear winner.

A candidate can file a formal election contest with the state legislature, but it must be filed within 30 days of the last action by the state board of elections. The state board is scheduled to certify the results of the race for governor on Nov. 25 this year.

Under this contest, the candidate challenging the results must specify the grounds for the action, such as a violation of campaign finance rules or specific problems when it comes to how ballots were cast.

Such an election contest is covered under Section 90 of the state constitution, which addresses a “contest of election for Governor or Lieutenant Governor.”

Section 90 states: “Contested elections for Governor and Lieutenant Governor shall be determined by both Houses of the General Assembly, according to such regulations as may be established by law.”

Sam Marcosson, a constitutional law professor at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law, told The Courier Journal that this language of the state Constitution suggests there must be procedure established by law for a review of a contested election to take place by the House and Senate.

Mr. Marcosson contends the legislature can not just make a procedure up.

“If the House and Senate were just to proceed on vague allegations without proof, that raises serious questions about disenfranchisement of the voters who voted for Attorney General Beshear. It’s an extraordinary proposition to suggest that the General Assembly would take vague allegations of unspecified irregularities and call into question a gubernatorial election.”


  • Arizona Tucson:  Democrat, Regina Romero appears to be victorious in the Tucson mayoral race and becomes the first woman and Latina to lead Tucson.


  • Mississippi: Republicans won the open Governor’s seat with former Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves beating former Democrat AG Jim Reeves . In the Senate, Republicans have expanded their control to a super majority which they already had in the House. No surprise here.


  • New Jersey: Republicans appear to be to picking up two seats in the Assembly and one in the Senate due to a surge in the southern part of the state where Mr. Trump won easily in 2016.

If you have other election results from Tuesday, feel free to add them. Otherwise, we still have a long way to go to beat Trump and Republicans.