Looking for An additional Editor for Angry Bear

Dear Readers,  Commenters, and Bears,

Bill and I are looking for an additional editor:

  •  a participant in running the Angry Bear site and interact with contributors and readers to encourage responses and moderate threads as administrator
  • add consistent points of view in posts and finding topics to supplement contributors efforts,
  • become knowledgeable with the administration of our site ranging from problem solving WordPress to registrations like Go-daddy, updates, liaison to host platform and advertisers,
  • and add new ideas and counsel with us.

Angry Bear is an older site (2003) which has been ahead of the national and global trends and events.   [We think we are good and also believe we can be better].

Please contact  me (cdansplace2@aol.com) or Bill (run75441@hotmail.com) for more information or questions you may have.