Kung Fu Monkey Nobel Prize

(Dan here…Lifted from Robert’s Stochastic Thoughts)

by Robert Waldmann

Kung Fu Monkey Nobel Prize

I just learned that Quinnipiak U polled asking people whether Donald Trump deserved a Nobel Prize for his Singapore summit. I honestly thought that this was a great opportunity for Kung Fu Monkey to score again. Kung Fu Monkey is a blog where a dialogue was posted in which one of the bloggers confidently asserts that 27% of US adults are insane reactionaries. That was the fraction who voted for Alan Keyes against Barack Obama. It is impressive how in many polls roughly 27% take an absurdly right wing position. It is striking how many times it is exactly 27$. Now, for the first time, I went looking for a Kung Fu Monkey crazification factor 27%. First try. No peeking and lo and behold“President Trump does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, voters say 66 – 27 percent.”

I’ve also noticed that a similar fraction of self identified Republicans do not take the crazy right wing position. They have a Fu Kung Ape sanity factor. This time, close but only one perfect hit

“Republicans say 58 – 29 percent that Trump deserves the Nobel Prize”

Basically almost all non crazy Republicans are now calling themselves independents. Self identified Republicans are insaaane.