Kudlow’s Trade Coalition of the Willing

Kudlow’s Trade Coalition of the Willing

Who knew when I posted this:

We could go back to 2002 and how the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 was sold to people like Senator John Kerry and Senator Hillary Clinton. The Bush-Cheney White House sold this as a means to encourage Iraq to comply with certain UN resolutions and not necessarily a prelude to war. Of course the White House was lying as we knew by March 2003. Of course Bush-Cheney lied about a lot of things with respect to Iraq back then including its forecast that an invasion would be quick, low cost, and very effective in establishing a Western democracy in Iraq. How did that work out exactly? Kudlow helped the White House cheerlead for this invasion arguing it would lead to so much Iraqi oil production that oil prices would fall to $12 a day. How did that work out again?

I was reacting to Kudlow claiming we are not in a trade war. Just as I thought Kudlow had reached all heights of stupidity, he exceeds expectations:


White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Sunday he couldn’t name members of his promised “Trade Coalition of the Willing,” or other countries who were also open to impose tariffs in response to China’s alleged intellectual property rights infringements.,”I can’t answer that, I don’t even want to answer that,” Kudlow told “Fox News Sunday.” “All I’m saying is my ‘Trade Coalition of the Willing’ will put the whole world behind the United States’ actions against China and this is going to have a big effect on China.

Could someone please tell Mr. Kudlow that our 2003 invasion of Iraq was a monumental blunder?