The text of the GOP tax complication legislation

The text of the GOP tax complication legislation

The Republicans, after holding one sham “public hearing” on their conference bill (without any text released) have on late Friday released the text of their (Republicans only) agreed-upon final bill that will be put to a House and Senate vote as early as Tuesday, December 19, even though there is no score from the Congressional Budget Office or analysis from the Joint Committee on Taxation.

Here’s the link to the 1097 pages of the tax bill:

Here’s the link to the 570 pages of the Joint Conference explanation:

(Hat tip to Ellen Aprill for sharing the links with tax professors as soon as they became available.)

As a Vox article announcing the release notes, “the bill is a far cry from the simplified tax code that Republicans have long been promising, but it is a substantial reshaping of the nation’s tax base.”   Tara Golshan, Full Text: Republicans unveil their final tax bill (Dec. 15, 2017 6:05 pm EST).