All I Want for Christmas is No Bombing

Its almost Christmas.  What seems to be different in the last couple of years is that we now have to contend with the joy of violent Christmas plots of one sort or another.  Just the other day, some $#%& with a scheme to shoot up San Francisco for the holidays was arrested.  Not that the growing terrorism in parts of the West is a seasonal thing, mind you.

Putting up bollards seems to be a growth industry these days. But there has to be a better way than waiting around for the the next group of jihadis to find a better way to slaughter them some infidels. I can think of a few ways cause some real carnage with items most of us have at our disposal provided one is willing to be a $#%&. It is only a matter time before one of those $#%&s stumbles on one of them. Not all of them are stupid, after all.

If waiting around doesn’t work, placating doesn’t either. Heck, even countries that reliably condemn Israel at the UN, haven’t had a colony in hundreds of years, and offer generous assistance to causes and people dear to the average jihadi, not to say to the average jihadi himself (and most are male), find themselves targeted these days. Perhaps, in fact, such countries are disproportionately targeted.

Now, while it isn’t hard to find someone who will complement a pig for its tasteful make-up, the fact is, there are no positives to this state of affairs. And if nothing changes, things won’t get better on their own. But there will be more dead victims.