Do Android Phones Dream of Electoral Sheeple in 1984

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Do Android Phones Dream of Electoral Sheeple in 1984

Signs of the times

A photo tweeted by the Russian Ministry of Defense Tuesday as “irrefutable” proof that the United States has allied with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria turned out to be from a video game.

@umpire43 a bot who claimed to have joined the nave at age 5, then claimed to have served 22 years from 1970 to 1972 has deleted all its tweets. But, I have a screen capture:

Dan Scavino retweeted him/her/and or it. Umpire43’s story is amazing. Roy Moore and his wife literally took an old letter of support by 53 pastors, and forged it to make it seem like he was still supported by them AFTER the allegations of sexual assault on minors came out.

So far, multiple people named in the letter have demanded they be removed from it.

But Russian cyber spies who are just interested in ethics in gaming journalism, stolen honor bots who defend pedophiles and Roy Moore himself bow down to Bernie Bernstein the fake man of the day

Wow: There’s a fake, mysterious robocall in Alabama out there from someone falsely claiming to be ‘Bernie Bernstein,’ a reporter from the Washington Post, seeking ‘damaging’ info on Roy Moore for $.

WKRG is on the Bernie Bernstein case.

With notably rare exceptions Bernie Bernstein is aware of all internet traditions. A meme is born.

Jeff B/DDHQ‏Verified account @EsotericCD

I’m surprised they didn’t go with ‘Shlomo Jewgold’ instead of the infinitely more subtle ‘Bernie Bernstein.'”

Jeet Heer‏Verified account @HeerJeet

ME: “….and then the child molesting candidate tries to save himself by robocalls from a fake reporter called Bernie Bernstein.”

PRODUCER: “Security!”

Brohibition Now‏ @OhNoSheTwitnt

Bernie Bernstein? Did Hanukkah Solo and International Banker Globalowitz sound too unrealistic?

The inevitable contrarian hot take (from Matt Yglesias of course).

Matthew Yglesias‏Verified account @mattyglesias

I have met people named Bernie Bernstein — it’s not *just* a Fake Jewish Media Name.

Oh hell just search twitter for Bernie Bernstein they are all wonderful

I think @Yair_Rosenberg wins the prize

((Yair Rosenberg)))‏Verified account @Yair_Rosenberg

(((Yair Rosenberg))) Retweeted Meridith McGraw

This is ridiculous. We didn’t assign Bernie Bernstein to manufacture anti-Moore stories. He’s currently rigging the Brexit talks.

The enemies of truth are ruthless, but they are also very very stupid.