Which Senator Has Done the Most for World Peace ?

Many US Senators have contributed to preserving the peace. I am not a historian, but I understand that many admire William Fullbright. I personally think very highly of Ernest Gruening who tried to save the US from the Tonkin Gulf resolution and our involvement in the war in Vietnam.

However, I think it is now clear that the honor belongs to Senator Robert Corker (R-Tenn). Sen Corker is a respected and experienced statesman not prone to impulsive action. But more importantly, he controls no nuclear weapons.

Any day Trump spends insulting Senator Corker is a day he doesn’t get around to insulting Kim Jong Un who is a depraved and spoiled dictator with nuclear weapons.

I ask concerned citizens to help Senator Corker keep President Trump busy. “adult day care center” was enough for us to survive Sunday, but we can’t expect Senator Corker to bear the whole burden While Trump has a skin as thin as a DNA molecule (that’s thin) he also has the attention span of a meth addled gnat. It is our duty to work together to keep Trump pissed in our time.