Donald Trump is a Miracle Worker

Somehow Trump manages to bring out the best in people. In the January 21 women’s march demonstrations, millions of ordinary Americans peacefully engaged in the political process, expressing a variety of consistent opinions with passion and humour. I was delighted.

But today I am amazed. It seems that Donald Trump has somehow managed to make Jasoh Chaffetz act like a statesman. Chaffetz is chair of the government oversight committee, where he has always acted as an aparatchik hack. He promised years of investigation of President Clinton and won’t “go on a fishing expidition” of President Trump. He decided that the most urgent investigation was of the head of the Office of Govermnment Ethics for critizing Trump’s conflicts of interest and not of Trump for profiting from his office and doing business with foreign governments and [uh oh going of on a tangent on Trump’s corruption which will never end].

I was confident that Chaffetz cared not at all about the truth and was a pure partizan who always placed the interests of the GOP over the interests of the country, honesty about plain facts and all human decency.

But today he said

On the voter fraud issue that really happens at the county level. I don’t see any evidence, but the President has 100,000 people at the Department of Justice that if he wants to do an investigation, have at it. I just don’t see any evidence of it.

Chaffetz caring whether there is “any evidence of it” is almost a miracle.

I honestly never thought there was a crazy conspiracy theory too extreme for him.