Obama should tell the public specifically—in meticulous detail—what the Syrian refugee vetting process IS. Since Clinton once again failed to do that.

There has been a great deal of concern about the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program. Are we letting terrorists into the United States? How much do we know about the Syrians being admitted? Is our vetting process strict enough?

For more than two decades, I’ve devoted my professional life to refugee resettlement, working and collaborating with nongovernmental organizations, the U.N. Refugee Agency and the U.S. government. Now I lead one of the few global agencies involved both with refugee resettlement for displaced communities and in the policy sphere.

Here are the facts:

— America already uses strict refugee vetting. Here are the facts., Sasha Chanoff, op-ed today in the Washington Post

The facts are a multi-step, lengthy process.  Multi-step.  Lengthy.  Why does Clinton repeatedly fail to detail this in response to Trump’s outlandishly false representations?  And since Clinton refuses to do so, why doesn’t Obama take up that slack?

I forgot to include that issue in this post this morning.  And it’s beyond frustrating.