What HE said! (And what I said. Yesterday.)

Any American under the age of 50 has no memory of living with a liberal Supreme Court. That could change soon. Were a Democratic appointee to fill the current opening, laws could change on voting rights, corporate power, campaign finance, criminal justice and many other issues.

“For the first time in decades,” Jeffrey Toobin writes in the current New Yorker, “there is now a realistic chance that the Supreme Court will become an engine of progressive change rather than an obstacle to it.”

A Liberal Supreme Court, David Leonhardt, NYT, today

Time to campaign on this, with specifics, Hillary Clinton.  And time for your surrogates to do so.  As I said yesterday.

Please instruct voters on the difference between Sonia Sotomayor and Samuel Alito.  There is a difference.  A big one.  The Mercers know this.  Please ensure that voters and potential voters know this, too.

Thank you.



ADDENDUM: Anyone who’s actually interested in this subject might want to read the Comments thread to my post from yesterday, which I linked to above.

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