Go, Michigan!

new Detroit News/WDIV-TV poll finds Clinton up nine points among likely voters in Michigan, 41-32. Note that the pollster says Clinton has a “shocking” lead in the GOP regions of the western and southwestern parts of the state.

But Trump told us he is going to put Michigan in play, because he’s doing so awesomely among working class whites, and also, he knows a lot about cars!

Could Clinton win over GOP voters? Yes — thanks to Trump’s unique awfulness., Greg Sargent, Washington Post, this morning

Sargent also notes a new poll from New Hampshire showing Clinton up by 15% and Maggie Hassan ahead of Kelly Ayotte by 10%.

And he points to a fresh poll from Pennsylvania that has Clinton up by 11%.

Ah, but Michigan.  Clinton leading in the western and southwestern parts of the state?  Awesome.  And btw, Bernie Sanders beat Clinton, big, in those parts of the state in the primary.

So sorry, Donald, but it’s just not working out.