Ballance and the impossible

Lifted from Robert’s Stochastic Thoughts:

Ballance RIP
Nothing lasts forever, not even the Washington Post’s devotion to Ballance. If Trump had said the earth is flat, they could have written “Opinions on shape of planet differ. Both sides have a point”. but if he asserts (in the same tweet) that it is flat, spherical, and a dimensionless abstract idea, they are forced to note he is nuts.

Alas dear Ballance I knew ye well. A trope of infinite jest. Now no more.

Donald Trump is amazing. I would have guessed his achievements were impossible
Donald Trump is not a humble man. At the Republican convention he said a lot about things that “I alone” can achieve.

It is not easy to accept the validity of such a claim. The natural reaction is to reject it. But Donald Trump was right. He and he alone could make Eugene Robinson and Robert Kagan agree on anything.