Clinton achieves the impossible

I was fairly certain that if Clinton were elected president and the Democrats were to win a majority in the Senate, that they would lose that majority in 2018.

I think that Hillary Clinton may have proven me wrong and found the only way to prevent that — by causing the Democrats to lose the majority in 2017.

I think this is about the dumbest thing a politician has done since her husband nominated Lloyd Bentson secretary of the Treasury (OK the stuff he did with Lewinsky wasn’t too smart either but this Clinton wasn’t as tempted this time).

update: just to try to be more nearly clear, my claim in this post is that, if Kaine is elected VP, his Senate seat will be filled for one year by someone chosen by the governor and then there will be a special election. I believe that this election will be in 2017 along with the gubernatorial election. I am fairly confident that it will be won by a Republican. I believe that there aren’t all that many Democratic politicians who can win in purple Virginia in a non Presidential year and that Kaine is one of them.

I think that that high risk of losing a senate seat outweighs any other effect of the choice.