Who Voted to Leave and Who Voted to Stay – Updated


It is pretty clear who voted to stay and who voted to leave the EU in England.

Hat Tip to Sam Wang Princeton Election Consortium Brexit survey of the day. “The UK voters who dominated the vote to Leave are also the ones who have to live with the outcome for the least amount of time.” Another elite versus the commoners.

With a fear for snide comments on stats in return, reader voislav comments: “The analysis (Princeton Consortium)is a bit misleading because turnout also increased by age. Sky projects that the turnout for 18-24′s it was in the 30s and for 24-35′s in the 50′s, vs 80+% for the 55+ crowd. BBC shows lower turnout in younger areas of the country.

If you look at the Guardian analysis (link below) the correlation with age is not that strong, there is a much stronger correlation with education and income. Wealthier, more educated young people tend to be more politically engaged, so they dominated the youth vote.”

Median Age

Higher Educaction

Median Annual Income

Scatter plots taken from EU referendum: full results and analysis “The Guardian.” These plots are interactive and you can locate different areas and city of the country making it worthwhile to visit The Guardian site.