A really important issue

I’m not a fan of Organizing for Action.  I think they’ve squandered a chance to be effective, and judging from the emails I’ve received from them they’ve focused mainly on things I don’t care about or don’t support.  In short, it’s been much more a centrist/center-left organization than a truly progressive one, because the Obama administration is a centrist/somewhat-center-left administration.

But this email, which I received yesterday, is about something extremely important.  If you too care about this issue, you might want to add your name to the list of people who really do care about this.


Organizing for Action
Beverly — 

It’s National Reentry Week, a time when we shed a light on the resources needed to help those who were formerly incarcerated get another shot to join their communities in a positive way. In America, we believe in second chances — that even if you make a mistake that lands you in jail, if you serve your time, you can still earn a second chance at the American Dream.

At least, that’s the way it’s supposed to work. But our criminal justice system is broken. Every year, more than 600,000 Americans get released from prison ready to make a new start, only to be met with often insurmountable obstacles. Getting a job, finding affordable housing, and getting access to both health care and education are all significantly harder. For too many, the system is rigged to fail.

Add your name to the fight to reform America’s broken criminal justice system.

Our system is not supposed to make it easier to revert back to criminal behavior than to become a productive member of society, but it often does. Preventing relapses into crime is one of the most fundamental priorities of criminal justice, but with the system set up as it is today, too many Americans end up trapped in a cruel cycle of poverty and crime that weakens our communities. 

That’s why President Obama’s administration has consistently taken steps to make our system fairer, smarter, less expensive, and more effective. From reducing barriers to employment, to increasing access to education for formerly-incarcerated individuals, the President continues to do what he can, where he can. But that’s not going to be enough.

Some members of Congress have already been working on the issue, but if we’re going to break down the very real barriers that stand in the way of citizens returning to society to become positive members of their communities, we need more of their colleagues to come to the table and pass a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill. 

Join OFA supporters all over the country to call for a criminal justice system that lives up to our values. Add your name to be a part of this fight:


Thank you for your continued support,


Sara El-Amine
Executive Director
Organizing for Action