Why did Donald Trump Propose Huge Tax Cuts for the Rich ?

Trump is running as a bombastic billionaire progressive. His argument (to the extent that he has one) is that he is already rich so he doesn’t have to serve the rich. However, he also officially promised the yugest tax cut of all the candidates. I think this makes no political sense. Obviously he wants to cut his own taxes — he is rich selfish and greedy — but you aren’t supposed say your are out for yourself alone out loud.

Notably, Trump never mentions his campaign’s official proposal. He talks about raising taxes on some rich people. Jonathan Chait is puzzled

rump … barely differs from Ted Cruz in the specific proposals … . Trump has attracted the support of the majority of Republican voters who favor higher taxes on the rich, but Trump himself would reduce them.

Clicking the link to a Rand survey I found this figure


So why did he propose cutting his own taxes ? Other Republicans can’t attack him for this very unpopular proposal, but, if he is the nominee, the Democratic candidate surely will.

The only explanation I can think of goes as follows: Trump wanted a detailed serious looking policy proposal (one including numbers) and the only serious looking policy proposal his staff could generate was a huge tax cut for rich people. The usual Republican wonk shortage was exacerbated by the fact that no semi serious Republican was willing to have anything to do with them.

I think this shows that he really has no ideas except for 1) cut taxes 2) negotiate great deals 3) make Mexico pay for a wall 4) remove lines around the states and 5) Trump is Great.