What If Thomas Friedman Had Decided Not to Claim In the Opinion Pages of The New York Times That Bernie Sanders Is a COMMUNIST?

What if our 2016 election ends up being between a socialist and a borderline fascist — ideas that died in 1989 and 1945 respectively?

— Thomas Friedman, What If?, New York Times, today

What if Thomas Friedman had decided not to claim in the Opinion Pages of The New York Times that Bernie Sanders is a Communist?

Which, since what died in 1989 was not Democratic Socialism—the government systems of the Scandinavian countries, Holland and Germany, for example, did not collapse in 1989 and remain intact today—is what he said.*

That’s not a rhetorical question, New York Times editors.

Neither is this one: What if major news and opinion outlets like the venerable New York Times had meaningful standards limiting the latitude of its opinion writers to baldly misrepresent clear fact?  In other words, what if his editors had refused to let him make that representation of fact?

Appalling.  Truly.


*Sentence typo-corrected. 1/20 at 7:36 p.m.