Trump vs Cruz: Transactional Inside-Outsiderism

What fresh hell/word salad is this?!! Bear with me a second and then treat this as a political open thread.

Trump and Cruz are each in their ways walking talking self contradictory oxymorons. Each purports to be the outsider speaking for the common man yet each came straight to the top through insider channels. Trump manages to be a nouveau riche guy born to money, itself a contradiction, who brags how that money allowed him to outright buy politicians in both parties. Cruz is a guy actually born to the working class who managed to punch every ticket through Ivy League to Harvard Law to Supreme Court Clerk to Texas Solicitor General to U.S. Senator by his early 40’s. And married a Wall Street banker to boot.

Yet though both on any conventional metric are consummate insiders by CV they have convincingly sold themselves as outsiders. How? Because each man is fundamentally, deeply, at basis, bedrock (how low can Bruce go?) transactional in ways that cross cut their undoubted establishment ties and path. Cruz by all evidence convinced himself or was convinced by his evangelical father that he was destined to be Leader of the Free World. Except maybe without the “Free” part. As such you can see every single career decision. however seemingly at the heart of the establishmen.t as actually being inside-out. He has punched every inside ticket on his way to being the outside leader, the path being subordinate to the goal.

And of course Trump as a person and a politician cannot be separated from his book The Art of the Deal, for him it is transactional turtles all the way down, except that unlike Cruz’s desire to be King of the World, and a world that has some relation to the one we live in, Trump seems to dream of being the High Trump of Trumpistan, “First, Last and Penultimate of His Name”

Transactional. Taking the Inside path to Outsiderism to the Mountain Top. Same shit different day.

(Some people would apply this same analysis to Hilary. Well the shoe fits too closely for this Yellow Dog Dem’s comfort, but run free my Droogs)