Public Service Announcement

I received this email this morning from “FedEx”:

Subject: Copy


Today at 10:06 AM

To: [Me]

This is to Remind you that this Parcel has arrived at our Local FedEx Office since 12th october 2015.

However, our courier dispatch was unable to deliver the parcel to you due to incorrect delivery instructions / details.

We Traced with your Parcel Specified Email address on Receipt.

Please, endeavor to be as accurate as possible to reduce time of clearance and recipient confirmation.

Find attached your shipment and tracking details

Please reconfirm your details immediately via reply to this email address

Note: we keep items for 18 calendar days before returning to sender.
Operations FedEx

FedEx Dispatch Department.

Receipt.ace         Download

I verified with the real FedEx that (surprise!) this was not sent by FedEx, and asked for an email address to report it to FedEx.  It’s  I’ve reported it.

Thought I’d pass this info along.