Republican Debate After Report; Because You Can’t Have a Post-mortem if Nobody Dies

Well I didn’t watch the debate (no TV right now) but I did follow two live-blogs, one from the NYT and the Guardian, and two Twitter feeds from Digby and TBogg as well as periodic check ins on news sites so got the overall reaction. My conclusion? Little to no winnowing of the field, at least from the Grownup Table.

Consensus seems to be that Carly earned a promotion from the Kid’s Table while Jindal, Santorum, Graham and Perry got a ‘meh’ and Gilmore and Pataki got a sub voce “who invited those guys?”.

But who makes room for Carly at the Grownup Table? My take is that Trump, Walker and Bush all lost something but more like a dip than a dive. That is I would not be surprised if all stayed at or above 10% with Trump probably above 15%. On the other hand everyone else seemed to do enough to maintain their own respective niches. So who gets kicked off the island to make room for Ms. Fiorina? My guess is Chris Christie. But maybe that is because I despise the guy and he has a main platform item of cutting Social Security.

Anyone else have thoughts here? I really expected some flame-outs and a possibility of only seven or so survivors from the main even and one or two from the JV warmup. But maybe we do have 11 or 12 still clinging to life.