Krugman forgets his own past?

Today Paul Krugman wrote… Link

“Many economists used to think of the labor market as being pretty much like the market for anything else, with the prices of different kinds of labor — that is, wage rates — fully determined by supply and demand. So if wages for many workers have stagnated or declined, it must be because demand for their services is falling.”

Here is what Paul Krugman wrote in 1998 to undermine the living wage movement… Link

In short, what the living wage is really about is not living standards, or even economics, but morality. Its advocates are basically opposed to the idea that wages are a market price–determined by supply and demand, the same as the price of apples or coal.”

It appears that Paul Krugman is one of the economists who he says used to think that wages are pretty much determined by honest supply and demand. Does he realize that he used to think that way?