Have you noticed your Home owners insurance? Clean energy news and lots of water.

A year ago I noticed my property owners insurance has been rather high.  I say property because some is home, some is business.  So, being that have been using accounting software since 1991, I went back a few years to see how much.  In 2003 the house was $454/year.  This year it will be $1543.  Better than tripled.   Do you know why?  Natural disasters.  Google it.

That brings me to 2 recent articles.  This one regarding how fast the ice is melting.  Faster than they thought.

The study—written by James Hansen, NASA’s former lead climate scientist, and 16 co-authors, many of whom are considered among the top in their fields—concludes that glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica will melt 10 times faster than previous consensus estimates, resulting in sea level rise of at least 10 feet in as little as 50 years.

The science of ice melt rates is advancing so fast, scientists have generally been reluctant to put a number to what is essentially an unpredictable, nonlinear response of ice sheets to a steadily warming ocean. With Hansen’s new study, that changes in a dramatic way. One of the study’s co-authors is Eric Rignot, whose own study last year found that glacial melt from West Antarctica now appears to be “unstoppable.” Chris Mooney, writing for Mother Jones, called that study a “holy shit” moment for the climate.

Well, I think that is the correct response.

But, there is some positive news, at least for those who are living in a motivated nation.

So much power was produced by Denmark’s windfarms on Thursday that the country was able to meet its domestic electricity demand and export power to Norway, Germany and Sweden.On an unusually windy day, Denmark found itself producing 116% of its national electricity needs from wind turbines yesterday evening. By 3am on Friday, when electricity demand dropped, that figure had risen to 140%.The site shows that Denmark’s windfarms were not even operating at their full 4.8GW capacity at the time of yesterday’s peaks.

Unfortunately, as with the Greek tragedy playing out, there are those of a certain persuasion who just can not let their humanity shine through.

The Conservatives will end subsidies to onshore windfarms from 1 April 2016, a year earlier than set out in the previous Tory-Liberal Democrat coalition agreement.  Rudd and the communities secretary, Greg Clark, are also to press ahead with plans to give local communities – rather than national government – the right to veto windfarms.  Rudd and the communities secretary, Greg Clark, are also to press ahead with plans to give local communities – rather than national government – the right to veto windfarms.

She also confirmed she was content for the Chinese government to invest in new nuclear plants in the UK, despite its questionable nuclear safety record. She said Chinese investors would be subject to UK nuclear safety regulation standards.

Some of that language sounds familiar.  States rights?  Oh, and Chinese nuclear.  The English conservatives are going to sit for foreigners muscling in on their nuclear stuff.

The story has sub plots too.   Investor state dispute settlements of sorts?

But the European commission warned on Tuesday that the UK was set to miss its key EU renewable energy target for 2020, and told the government it should review its policies to get back on track.

The Scottish government’s energy minister, Fergus Ewing, has said it is irrational to reduce or scrap onshore wind subsidies. He claimed, citing figures from Scottish Power, that British consumers could end up paying between £2bn and £3bn more in bills. Scotland would be home to 70% of planned future windfarms and the Edinburgh government claims it has not been consulted by the UK government.

Oh well, it’s only water anyway.

Hat tip to C & L  and Real Economics