Listen to Michigan Congressman Sander Levin Tongue – Lash Wisconsin Congressman and Chairman Paul Ryan

Michigan is pitifully gerrymandered due to state Republicans controlling the state legislature in 1990, 2000, and 2010 and controlling redistricting. Michigan sends fewer Democrats to The House than how the state votes which is 54+% Democrat in national elections. Democrat Congressman Sander Levin is one of those Congressmen. Listen to his response to Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, Chairman House Ways and Means Committee during another unscheduled committee meaning.

“So whatever the Supreme Court decides later this month,” Paul Ryan said. “I think the lesson is absolutely clear. Obamacare is just flat busted. It just doesn’t work. And no fix can change that fact.”

Sanders: “What’s busted is not ACA But your attacks on it, endless attacks.”Sander Levin said calmly and deliberately. “Never coming up with a single comprehensive alternative all these year. So you sit as armchair critics while millions of people have insurance who never had it before. Millions of kids have insurance who would not otherwise have had it. People who have pre-existing conditions no longer are cancelled or can’t even get insurance. The donut hole is gone. Millions of people in lower income categories are now insured through Medicaid, millions and millions and millions. Cost containment is beginning to work. The increase in cost net rate is going down. And so you are livid because it is getting better. That’s why you are livid. … And the states that are denying their citizens further coverage under Medicaid, are essentially telling people, well get lost when it comes to healthcare. .. And you have a governor Mr. Chairman, who is running around this country talking about the evils of healthcare when millions of people are benefiting from what happened. … Your frustration is millions and millions and millions of people are benefiting, have healthcare when they did not before.

Paul Ryan covering up the truth.