British Elections are Weird

I have been following the British Parliamentary elections all night and final numbers are not in. But we have the outgoing government with the following numbers: Conservative 302 and partners Liberal Democrats 56 plus maybe NI Democratic Unionists 8. In a system where you mostly need 326 for a majority.

Now we are coming up on a situation where the Conservatives might end up with 326 on their own (but maybe not) but where almost all of that was poached off their one time partners the Liberal Democrats. Which depending on the breaks means a much narrower majority. But based on the coverage I have been watching all night this is going to be posed as a huge victory for David Cameron and the Tories. Even though his overall majority in Parliament might be shaved to just about nothing. Because SNP. Or other acronyms. I find all this fascinating and invite others to weigh in on this Open Thread.