Facebook Face-Off ACA v Cathy McMorris Rogers

Doktor Zoom at Wonkette reports on the delightful and important consequences of the foolish decision by Rep Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA) to ask the public to report Obamacare horror stories on her facebook page.

Matthew Yglesias found it too.

Facebook isn’t reality (warning to the kids who might be ready) but it can be cruel to those who aren’t reality based. There were many reports from people who finally had insurance, were paying less for insurance or thought congress people who have excellent employer provided insurance should be capable of shame.

I think it is clear that McMorris-Rogers (or her soon to be ex staffer) genuinely expected Obamacare horror stories to outnumber Obamacare saved me from horrors stories. They live in the conservabubble. McMorris Rogers is relatively williing to try to be constructive for a member of the House Republican leadership (a very low bar). She proposed reforming the one size fits all ACA exchanges. She thus demonstrated that she hadn’t been to the healthcare.gov to enter a county for the one size fits one country menu offering a bewildering array of options.

At least she (or her soon to be ex staffer) deserves points for sincerity and allowring regular people to report reality on her facebook page.