Does Clinton Really Have People Around Her Who Think Elizabeth Warren Is a Man? Yikes.

Some people around Clinton assume that any skepticism about her candidacy has to do with latent sexism, but I’m pretty sure that’s not my issue, either. Last week, my 6-year-old daughter informed me that she couldn’t be president because she’s a girl. So believe me, if Hillary Clinton takes the oath of office on the third Friday of 2017, we’ll be watching together.

My problem with the Clinton Death Star, Matt Bai, Yahoo News, Feb. 5

We’re in trouble, Dems.  Big trouble.  We’re about to nominate as our presidential candidate someone who, if Bai’s reporting is accurate, has some people around her who think that the Draft Elizabeth Warren movement isn’t about the economic populist issues and policies that Warren stands for, but instead that Elizabeth Warren is a man.

Advice to Clinton: Fire these people. Immediately.